Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


We will perform a thorough preparation and cleansing of your natural lashes, which is an important part of your preparation. This is a necessary step to ensure the “life” of your applied lashes.

Our stylists are trained in the art of assessing your eye shape, which includes the amount and thickness of your natural lashes. With this, they are able to determine the length, thickness and number of extensions needed to create the most natural look.

Then, the extensions are adhered one by one to each of your individual natural lashes. We use only the highest quality and longest-lasting surgical-grade line of adhesives.

Whatever your beauty concern – small or deep-set eyes, dark shadows, mono-lids, thin, or short eyelashes – we can help you create beautiful eyes. No matter what age, skin tone, eye color, or eye shape, we will ensure a fun and empowering experience. If you’ve never worn eyelash extensions, even a hint of lashes can make a world of difference.

Now that’s something to wink about!

Extension New Set // $200 up to $250 / 2.5 hours
Extension Fill // $85 / 1.5 hours
Extension Mini Fill // $65 / 45 minutes

Extension fill recommended every 2-3 weeks. 4 weeks and more will be charged a full price.

Removal Eyelash Extensions // $25

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